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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts and the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) have launched  Courts of Space on 01.02.2021 to judge global space disputes. Trainings will be provided to Judges to qualify as experts in space legal disputes. The launch signifies UAE’s intent to pioneer in the cases related to space disputes.

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The Space Court will build a new judicial support network to help the international space exploration with stringent commercial demands. It will boost cash flow from local and foreign private space companies.

The Court of Space will have three main objectives. They are

  • Establish an international working group of public and private sector bodies. They will be tasked to research on space-related legal innovations, potential outcomes of various scenarios and possible space-related disputes.
  • Creation of a Space Dispute Guide.
  • To become a training hub for Judges to become experts on Space Disputes.

The launch supports Dubai’s aim to become the leading cities of the future.

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