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Balancing the day-to-day business administration alone can be stressful. Ensure accuracy, compliance, and optimal tax positioning. Minimize risks of penalties and legal complications; gain strategic insights into tax savings. When the tax laws are ever-evolving, nobody can guarantee informed decisions better than a seasoned consultant. We help you safeguard your business reputation and foster long-term financial health.

Stay compliant while optimizing your tax positions. Tax Advisory Services pivotal for navigating the UAE’s multifaceted tax regulations. Comprehensive, informed tax strategy for the UAE and beyond.

Tax Advisory Services Overview

In today’s intricate financial landscape, our Tax Advisory Services are pivotal for businesses aiming to navigate the UAE’s multifaceted tax regulations. We specialize in providing detailed impact and risk assessments for VAT, Excise, Corporate Tax, and Customs duties, ensuring businesses are compliant while optimizing their tax positions. Our expertise extends to corporate tax matters, from registration to filing returns, and our dedicated team can represent businesses during tax discussions with authorities. For businesses operating across borders, we offer invaluable guidance on withholding tax, international tax structuring, and leveraging Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) to prevent dual taxation. Additionally, our services encompass strategic tax planning during business restructuring and due diligence processes. Entrusting us with your tax concerns ensures a comprehensive, informed approach to tax strategy and compliance in the UAE and beyond.

Features of Our Tax Advisory Services

Our Comprehensive Set of Tax Advisory Services:

1. Impact & Risk Assessment for VAT, Excise, CT & Customs:

Comprehensive analysis to evaluate the effects of VAT (Value Added Tax), Excise Tax, Corporate Tax (CT), and Customs duties on business operations and profitability. This feature also helps in identifying potential risks, ensuring businesses remain compliant while optimizing tax obligations.

2. Corporate Tax:

a. Assistance in:

i. Registration: Guiding businesses through the process of registering for corporate tax, ensuring all documentation and requirements are met.

ii. Deregistration: Assistance in the official termination of a company’s tax registration when required.

iii. Amendments: Facilitating changes in corporate tax details and ensuring updated information is communicated and registered appropriately.

iv. Preparation and filing of returns: Expert help in accurately preparing tax returns and ensuring timely submissions, minimizing penalties.

b. Representation Services:

Acting as a point of contact or representative for businesses during tax audits or discussions with the tax authorities.

c. Tax Clearance and UAE Tax Residency Certificate:

Assisting in obtaining tax clearance certificates and UAE Tax Residency Certificates, which can be essential for international transactions and treaties.

3. Withholding Tax:

Guidance on the implications and management of taxes withheld at source, ensuring compliance and effective management.

4. Business Restructuring:

a. Tax Structuring: Advising on optimal tax structures, considering business objectives to minimize tax liabilities.

b. Due Diligence: Performing in-depth assessments to ensure all tax obligations are understood, especially during mergers, acquisitions, or business sale.

5. International Tax Structuring:

Offering insights and strategies on managing tax obligations for businesses with cross-border operations, ensuring efficiency in a globally integrated tax environment.

6. Foreign Tax – DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement):

Guidance on leveraging DTAA provisions to avoid paying tax in two countries on the same income, ensuring that businesses benefit from tax treaties between the UAE and other countries.

Our Tax Advisory Services provide you with the tools and expertise that you’d need to navigate the complex tax landscape in the UAE. We help you ensure compliance while optimizing tax positions.

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Uncompromising Quality Why Choose Us for Tax Advisory Services?

At ATB Legal, our dedicated Tax Advisory team offers unparalleled expertise in Tax matters. Choosing us for your Tax Advisory Services ensures that your business is compliant with all tax laws and regulations. More important, we ensure that you are optimally positioned to minimize tax liabilities and maximize financial health. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of both local and international tax landscapes.

We provide personalized, strategic advice, from impact & risk assessment to international tax structuring and DTAA utilization. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of tax, including corporate tax registration, filing, amendments, and representation services. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on business restructuring and due diligence processes. By choosing us, you are ensuring a proactive, informed, and strategic approach to tax planning and compliance, which is crucial for the success and growth of your business in today’s complex financial environment.
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