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Sports litigation min edited

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland is considered as the supreme international dispute resolution forum for sports. CAS also acts as an appeals court for decisions made by the arbitration systems of sports organizations or dispute resolution mechanisms such as FIFA and the International Olympic Committee.

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Abu Dhabi hosted the first seat of CAS outside Switzerland in May 2012. Later in 2016, Abu Dhabi became home to its own arbitration center for sports named as UAE Sports Arbitration Centre (UAE SAC). The UAE SAC is fully operational as of June 2020. Its equipped with every facility to attend to any possible dispute through mediation and arbitration.

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Dubai’s growing importance as a world sporting destination can be assessed through statistics: Sports industry now exceeds USD 1.7 billion annually; this accounts for 0.8% of Dubai’s GDP. Of the USD 1.763 billion, USD 670 million originates from overseas markets.

The UAE SAC will assist in the sustainable development of the sports market. The UAE SAC Rules of Arbitration will be issued  in the coming weeks. However, as it’s modelled after CAS.  We can presume that the standard clause to be inserted into contracts will read that the disputes arising from or related to the present contract can solely be submitted to this court only.   



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