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green construction

The owners of the construction buildings are now required to obtain environment licenses in three instances as proclaimed by the Abu Dhabi Environment Authority. The idea is to assess the environmental hazards and to stop or curb their impact by these licenses. They are:

  • Start of a new project or a new building.
  • Existing project or building when added or amended
  • Building is completely removed.

Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) is a government entity responsible for protecting and enhancing the environment by reducing pollution and protecting and enhancing our biodiversity. This goal is achieved through scientific research and application, policy regulation, environmental education and awareness.

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Things to Note: An Environmental License application should be completed by the proponent or his consultant. In order to ensure the consideration of alternatives and to complete all the relevant environmental studies it is required that the application should be submitted through EAD e-Services during the preliminary design phase of the project. After review of the application the EAD notify the proponent if an environmental assessment is required. This is done according to an Internal Criteria Assessment. Different environmental studies may be proposed according to the type, location, nature, scale, and potential impact of the project. The proposed Environmental study should be conducted only by an EAD approved consultant. The list of such consultants can be got from the Environmental Consultant List which is updated annually. The permit of the project will be issued after the successful completion of the assessment. The License may request periodical submission of Audit and Monitoring Reports during construction or operation phase to show compliance.

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