UAE Publishes Smart Construction National Guide

March 20, 2021by Admin0

The Ministry of Energy has launched the National Guide for Smart Construction during the Innovation Week Celebration.  The guide contains key points that are beneficial for all parties to facilitate the construction process. The guide aims to bring forth basic driver of policies, variable elements, and targets that helps the development of the construction sector to make the UAE Government proud.

The highlights are benchmarking to qualify contractors’ capabilities; improve relations between architects, designers, and contractors; to uphold the outcome of the construction project, which include the unified smart building index and building information modelling index. These assist with investment decisions by differentiating roles, scope, project costs, and the optimal use of building project data during construction, operations, and maintenance. The Smart Construction Guide lists the type of smart materials that can improve the quality and technical performance of the structure. The guide also shows ways to limit cost, time, and unskilled labour to complete projects within the timeframe. The elements of smart construction and ways to improve work efficiency and organizations’ ability to repeat the process in an organized and productive manner are all listed in the manual.

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