Abu Dhabi announces a fine of Dh500 for Parked Vehicles with Running Engine

April 7, 2021by Admin0

A penalty of Dh500 is fixed for leaving parked vehicles with the engine on, reported an Emirates News Agency. The police have educated the public about the consequences of leaving their engines on, such as an increased chance of theft. The engine is left on mostly because they leave their infants in these vehicles. This practice needs to be curbed as early as possible because there were multiple instances of unforeseen dangers due to this.

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The Federal Law on traffic states that no vehicles should be parked in ‘No Parking’ zones. In case of an emergency, park to the right side of the road, far away from zebra crossings, junctions, slopes, and turns. Additionally, the Law states that vehicles should be firmly parked and never to leave unattended with the engines running. 

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