UAE: Streamlined Work Permit Cancellation Process Now Requires No Documents

In a significant regulatory update, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) has announced a revolutionary shift in the procedural framework for work permit cancellations. Effective immediately, the cancellation of work permits for employees will necessitate no physical documentation, a substantial enhancement driven by the recently inaugurated Work Bundle platform. The new streamlined procedure, now requiring zero documents, has reduced the processing time from three minutes to an impressive 45 seconds. This upgrade is part of the second phase of the Work Bundle platform, launched to simplify and expedite labor-related services.

The Work Bundle platform, an integral component of the UAE’s strategic vision to digitize and streamline labor-related services, represents a monumental leap toward operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. This platform facilitates a seamless, paperless process, effectively eliminating the administrative burdens historically associated with work permit cancellations.

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Key Enhancements in Work Permit Cancellation

  • Elimination of Document Requirements: Previously requiring two documents, the new process demands none.
  • Automatic Approval: The system now supports automatic approval for cancellations.
  • Simplified Data Entry: The number of fields to be filled has been reduced from seven to two.
  • Reduced Processing Time: The time to complete the cancellation process has been cut down from three minutes to just 45 seconds.

MOHRE announced the service upgrade on July 8, emphasizing MOHRE’s commitment to providing a seamless and efficient procedural experience for customers.

Comprehensive Integration

The Work Bundle platform, now in its second phase, integrates all types of work permit cancellations into a single unified system. This phase, following a successful initial rollout in Dubai in March, is being implemented across all seven emirates. It is expected to benefit approximately 600,000 companies and over seven million workers.

Broader Impact on Employment Services

The Work Bundle platform consolidates eight critical work and residency procedures, significantly reducing duplication and simplifying the onboarding process for new employees. Key services included in the platform are:

  • Issuing new work permits
  • Requesting status adjustments
  • Issuing visas and employment contracts
  • Providing Emirates ID, residency, and medical examination services

Additionally, the platform simplifies the following procedures:

  • Renewing employment contracts
  • Renewing Emirates ID and residency
  • Conducting medical examinations
  • Cancelling employment contracts, work permits, and residency

Previously, the UAE had already reduced the time required to process documents for obtaining work permits and residency visas from 30 days to 5 days. The introduction of the Work Bundle platform further exemplifies the UAE’s dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and regulatory compliance in the labor market.

Strategic Vision

The Work Bundle platform aligns with the UAE’s strategic vision of digital transformation and ease of doing business. By reducing administrative overheads and operational costs, this initiative is set to boost corporate agility and foster a more conducive business environment. It also underscores the UAE’s position as a global leader in digital governance and regulatory innovation.

For detailed procedural guidelines and more information, stakeholders are encouraged to visit the official MOHRE website or contact the dedicated support team via the Work Bundle platform.

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