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2020 saw several laws that would alter your life in UAE in the personal front and in the public front. This covers a wide range from marriage laws to Arabic interpreters for Foreign speakers. Life in UAE is definitely going to change for the better with these laws. A quick glance through the major ones:

  • Marriage law.

The law of the country in which the marriage took place will be taken to consideration in any personal status matter such as maintenance, divorce or custody claim, whereas previously it was the law of each spouse’s nationality that was considered. The same amendment was made with regard to Divorces too.

  • Regulation regarding Alcohol buying and consumption

Trading, Possessing and Consumption of alcohol is legal in the authorized places and conditions allowed by the legislature. Each Emirate can take decision regarding the alcohol protocol. Imprisonment and a fine between 10,000 and 50,000 dhs can be levied for any alcohol related matter with minors (ie below 21 years of age).

  • Living together and Honour Crimes

UAE now allows couples to live together out of wedlock and also consensus sex between adults above 14 years who have a sound mind is considered non-punishable. Honour killing too in case of adultery will be considered as a murder according to the new amendment.

  • Wage Equality

Another major amendment was regarding equal wage to all irrespective of the sex. This includes not only the basic pay but also the perks included in the wages, such as overtime pay, bonuses, travel allowances, company shares, insurance, and other benefits.

  • Foreigners allowed to own 100 percent of UAE based LLC

Under this amendment foreign shareholders can own up to 100 per cent of any company in the UAE except special-status companies with Government ownership and companies operating in the strategic sectors. Foreign companies can directly operate without the need of a local agent.

  • Law regarding Maternity and Paternity leaves

The law grants paid parental leave for private sector workers which includes both men and women. Women earlier had 45 days which now totals up to 50.

  • Harassment Laws

The law states that any person who molests a person by words or by action in a public place shall be subjected to imprisonment of a maximum of two years and a maximum fine of Dh100,000 or either. This law is not gender specific and molestation can include committing obscene act by words or action; appeal, sings, yells or makes speeches that are immoral and obscene.

  • Law regarding Suicides  

The court is given the authority to decide whether to send a person convicted of suicide attempt to a rehabilitation center or to punish them. Those people who assists another person to commit suicide will be sentenced to imprisonment without any discretion.

  • Act of Good Faith

Law allows people to help others out of good will without fear of being legally liable in the future. This will help to bring about more do-gooders.

  • Interpreters for Non-Arabic speakers for Court matters

The law allows foreigners to appoint a translator to understand the law points concerning them and such translators shall sign on the report. This will help the expatriates to know the contents of the report clearly, supporting the transparency of the judiciary.

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2021 is definitely looking greener with all these new laws waiting to be put into practice. Wishing you all a splendid 2021

To read more kindly visit the official site of gulfnews at https://gulfnews.com/living-in-uae/ask-us/2020-in-review-11-laws-announced-in-2020-that-will-change-your-life-in-the-uae-1.1609328723918

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