DIFC Employment Law – Salient Features and Key Changes Introduced

Content from this article has been merged with DIFC Employment Laws: A Primer for Businesses in the DIFC. Please refer to this article for a comprehensive view of DIFC Employment laws.

DIFC Employment Law

The DIFC Employment Law is designed to regulate the employment relationship between employers and employees in the DIFC, ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all parties involved. The DIFC Law No. 2 of 2019 (“Employment Law”) provides comprehensive provisions relating to various aspects of employment, including recruitment, contracts, working hours, wages, leave entitlements, termination, and dispute resolution. It aims to strike a balance between protecting the rights and interests of employees while promoting a business-friendly environment for employers.

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by Reshma Rose Jacob

Reshma is a legal consultant at ATB Legal. She is a law graduate from St. Joseph’s College of Law, Bangalore, and is enrolled with the Bar Council of Kerala.

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