Autonomous Vehicles to Support Passenger Transport in Abu Dhabi

March 31, 2021by Admin0

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and Bayanat (a G42 company) agreed to join hands in the test of private vehicles for transporting passengers in Abu Dhabi.  This new mobility solution would add to the service quality provided to the residents and visitors and will help local development and infrastructure.

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The necessary infrastructure for self-driven vehicles will be taken up by the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC). This innovative idea is supposed to change the face of the transport sector and will also aid in safe traffic.

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The agreement will enable the private sector to help in the development of the smart transport sector.  There are two phases to this agreement. The first phase is the operation of three vehicles in Yas Island in happening places like hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. The second phase is putting to test around 10 vehicles in different locations across Abu Dhabi. Both the service will be costless from 8 am to 8 pm and will be accompanied by a safety officer in the driver’s seat.

Bayanat will be responsible for vehicle safety testing and central security. They will also oversee traffic compliance and other regulations. Autonomous vehicles work based on geospatial data, advanced mapping, and also with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Bayanat is adequately equipped to support the progress of this industry both in UAE and beyond. DMT will tie-up with the relevant stakeholders for the smooth functioning of the agreement.


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